Chairman's Message


Ishwar Das  — Chairman

As a Chairman of this school, it is our utmost responsibility that every student outshines in their chosen field when they graduate from our school. The transition from adolescence into adulthood can be as easier as their lives under the premises of the school. We want them to become such a matured and responsible person who leaves the permanent impression over thousands of lives by winning their heart and soul. They not only work for the big corporate or multinational companies but also serve the weaker section of society selflessly. We actually want to shape them into the most tolerant, matured, selfless, responsible, patient, loving, compassionate and faithful individual.

From the formative years to the time of graduating from the school, we prepare them to face the hardship, teach them to take the forward-looking steps when required to do so, enjoy the accomplishment and success with humbleness. We actually teach them the way of leading and living a successful and blissful life with humility. We don’t want to make them only bookish but practical being, we don’t want to make them only knowledgeable but wise, and we don’t want to make them only respectable but to respect other human beings.

In closing lines, on behalf of The Prime Scholars International School – Best CBSE schools on Dwarka Expressway, I advertently respect the responsibilities which are shouldered on us. We will not leave any stone unturned to nurture career of your child to the best of our competencies.