The Wellness Centre

‘Good health and good senses are two exigencies of life’s greatest blessings.’

At our best international school in Gurgaon, we have a full time nurse to provide medical assistance during any emergency. The Infirmary is well equipped to take care of minor exigencies. All emergency medicines are available at all times with the first aid boxes in school and buses.

The list of children with medical problems is prepared class wise and a copy of each is sent to the respective class teacher and medical room for quick reference when a child reports sick. (based on parent’s inputs in the Medical form submitted during admission about the allergies suffered by the child & specifications of medication the child is on).

Growth charts with BMI reports are prepared and sent to the parent’s class wise. Most importantly we provide the facilities for visiting doctors for educating and updating our staff and students on health, hygiene and grooming on a regular basis.