Our school has a team of expert and experienced counselors. They are accountable to help student remove the barriers to academic achievement and support social and emotional development. A role of the well-updated counsellor is significant. Through an array of counselling workshops, we teach them a well thought out academic
planning, lending help in exploring future careers, and counselling students with academic concerns and frequently absent students. We also act as a consultant with the teacher-student relation for class management.

Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care is the commitment and active demonstration of concerns for the growth and healthy life of each student as well as the school community. It is entirely focused on developing a friendly environment and the learning culture that endorses the emotional, physical, social, emotional and spiritual progress of every student.
At Prime Scholars International School – Reasonable School in Gurgaon, our pastoral program entails proactive elements such as honing up the skills that build resilience, promoting the learning curve on the campus to underscore respect, teamwork, and participation. It offers a comfortable space in response to hurt, and encouragement in the face of disappointment.