PSIS Offers Convenient and Comfortable Transport Facilities

Our staff members including drivers are regularly trained for all emergencies according to safety norms.

All our ferrying buses are well-designed and super comfortable.

All vehicular transports carry a support staff of the school to board and de-board the students at their bus stops across all our routes.

All our trained drivers are supervised by our teachers who are well known for the safety norms.

Our buses have the installed first-aid and teachers are well-trained to use in case of emergency.

For the safety and security of our students, all our buses are GPS-enabled and are tracked.

All our buses run on the fixed routes in the city and adjoining area of the city.

Parents will get the minutes of updates on any change in route, schedules if necessary.

The speedo meters of our buses are fixed at the maximum speed of 40 km/hr as per Transport Department requirements.

All buses carry fire extinguishers and water jugs.