Toddlers Play Zone

Ideally, play spaces designed at PSIS support the preceding functions.

Playground at PSIS – Best Preschool in Gurgaon provides ample space and structure for children’s socialisation, imaginative play and physical activity. We promote emotional well-being, positive approach, resilience and enhance the learning process through our specially designed and well-equipped playground.

High-quality and well-designed play area experience contribute to children’s cognitive development. We believe co-scholastic is as important as scholastic development as play promotes problem solving, creativity and initiative taking and can increase a child’s ability to concentrate. In younger children, play is also important for improving sensory stimulation.

Specifically, effective playgrounds(Indoor & Outdoor & splash pool);

Include natural elements (e.g. sand, water);

Encourages interaction and socialisation;

Are highly accessible and cater to a variety of demographics and backgrounds;

Provide risk and challenge, however are safe and free of hazards;

Have pleasing aesthetics;

Stimulate children’s imagination and creativity;

Include space for active play.