Montessori Lab

In this spotlight, we’re extremely pleased to feature The Montessori Lab at PSIS – Best Preschool in Gurgaon, which aims to provide an authentic Montessori education. We dive a bit deeper into our courageous efforts to continue to spark the Montessori movement by creating a model that once a student sees, he/she would want to play, explore & continue to learn. We focus on motor skill development, kinaesthetic development and overall grooming of kids in our Montessori lab.

The Montessori lab at PSIS refers to space where the youngsters can experiment with, learn, develop and conceptualize different scientific ideas. It is a lot similar to the DIY method where the students are encouraged to apply the knowledge that they have gained in the classroom.

The lab has a reading corner with a huge collection of age-appropriate storybooks(fictions & non-fictions), value-based books, touch & feel books and activity books to inculcate reading habit and encourage play way learning in our tiny tots.

The Montessori aids & material are arranged with a view to enhance the thinking & creative skills of the children. The aids displayed are age appropriate and build problem solving ability of the students through fun based learning system.

Montessori Lab not only leads to effective learning but also provides a strong foundation to our young learners emphasizing on our motto of nurturing the leaders, leaving trailblazers & creating legacies for others to follow as it is rightly said, “The stronger the foundation, the taller & safer will be the building.”