5 Fun Activities To Develop Fine Motor Skills In Kids


The coordination of your kid’s small muscles, such as those in their arms, wrists, and fingers, is referred to as fine motor abilities. These skills allow a child to carry out essential tasks like writing, consuming food itself, fastening clothes, and zipping them. In short, they provide strength and agility to your child’s hands. Do you know that you can help your little one in this development? Wanna know how? One of the simplest processes is to motivate your kids to play, explore and engage with a range of objects. To make it easier for you, we have curated a list of five fun activities that will help develop fine motor skills in your kid: 

Go with the Playdough

Playdough is among the best ways you can develop fine motor skills in your child. Additionally, it encourages your child to think creatively. Your child should ideally be seated at a table for the playdough activity. It provides an excellent work surface for your child and may prevent things from becoming overly dirty. Allow your kid to play around with the play dough. Demonstrate to your youngster how to expand, roll, and flatten playdough. You can also provide different shapes for molding. The pulling, pinching, and clamping motions during this activity help your child’s hands become stronger and improve their fine motor skills. 

The Classic LEGO  

LEGO is a type of plastic building-block toy. Along with helping children improve their fine motor skills, LEGO also imparts a variety of soft skills, such as creative thinking, problem-solving, teamwork, and interaction, that will affect how they perform and converse with others. You can help your kid in creating different structures with the help of LEGO. 

Painting for a creative calling

Using a paintbrush or small tool promotes the development of fine motor skills. While using an easel or working with huge piles of paper tends to build large muscle control. The hand-eye synchronization of your youngster is also improved by painting. So, painting can give loads of benefits to your child. You can help your kid in painting and teach him/her different types of painting – spin, drip, blow, etc. 

Reap the benefits of gardening 

The practice of gardening fosters the overall development of a child by emphasizing the value of patience, discipline, care, and empathy. Also, it’s a fun way of exercise that will eventually aid in fine motor skills development. You can start gardening in a sandbox-sized plot. Give your little one seeds along with small-size tools for a start. Choose seeds that can quickly grow into plants, such as pumpkin, corn, radish, sunflower, etc. Short growing time will maintain the excitement level of your child. Assign him/her the task of watering the plant and weeding. Use a spray bottle for watering so that your kid can use his/her muscles for the activity. 

Build a strong grip with threading beads

Another fun activity for your kid is threading beads. The finger muscles can be strengthened by threading, and it also teaches your kid how to manage his/her fingers as they work cooperatively. Alongside this, your child will develop bilateral coordination. You can opt for lovely chunky wooden beads that are all over the market nowadays. As your kid’s pincer grasp develops, you could design some cards for them to follow from the beads. Later, when they have a stronger hold, you could switch to using smaller beads like those used to design necklaces. 

All these activities are a fun way to develop not only the fine motor skills of your child but also creative skills as well. These activities are just a scratch on the surface, there are tons of other activities you can try. But the important part is to have fun while doing it!

Apart from at-home activities, it’s necessary to put your child in an environment that is conducive to his/her overall development. Thus, one must consider getting the child admitted to a school where creative and experimental learning is a part of the mainstream curriculum. 

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