5 Tips For Raising Critical Thinkers 

Critical thinking

Critical thinking builds problem-solving character. It essentially entails making reasonable and well-considered judgements. It makes the child aware of the world’s problems and motivates them to be a part of the solution from a very young age. The skill makes children self aware and keeps delusions at bay.  No matter what profession a child picks later in life, critical thinking is one of the foremost soft-skills they would need. 

Here are 5 tips for developing critical thinking skills in your child

1. Puzzle Play

One of the easiest ways of developing critical thinking in children is by providing them opportunities for games such as board games, building with blocks, etc. Such games present problems and push the brains to find logical, real-time solutions to them. Solving puzzles sets the right base for developing critical thinking skills at a higher level. 

Some of the top games that every child should play are — Jigsaw Puzzles, Sudoku, Crossword, Wordle, Rubik’s cube and similar games.

2. Reading

If reading skill is developed at an early age, that can help your child develop critical thinking. Reading various books and editorials will help your children enhance their organisational skills, vocabulary, reading ability, comprehension, and analysis.

3. Ask Open- ended Questions

Rather than asking straight-forward questions, practice asking opinion-oriented questions like— Do you think the (story) character has done a good job? What happened at the school today? Why do you call him/her your best friend? If your friend is misbehaving with his mumma, what would you say to him?

Asking such questions will bring diverse responses and make them think critically situation-wise

4. Cultivate new and diverse ways of thinking.

Cultivate creative thinking habits in children by letting them face challenges and opportunities outside their comfort zones. Let them innovate the solutions and express opinions. The simplest activity can be reading a story and encouraging them to provide a new title and ending to the story.

5. Provide Appropriate Environment

Environment is crucial for a child’s development and they absorb it the most at home and in school.  It is best to find a school that provides ample opportunities for your child’s critical thinking development. Most schools like Prime Scholars International at Dwarka Expressway have special Montessori, and experimental labs simulate the critical thinking experiences in children. 

The school of your child also helps in developing critical thinking. So, choosing the right institution is an essential factor as well. If you are on the lookout for one of the best schools, you can opt for Prime Scholars International. It not only educates critical skills, instils principles, and builds on ethos in addition to academic and co-curricular growth, but we also train them for a brighter future, and they will ace in their life.

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