How to prepare your toddlers for Preschool

Hunting for the best preschool near you can be daunting.  Kindergarten is one of the initial turning points in the life of your toddlers since it marks the onset of their educational journey. While the entire concept of sending your kid to kindergarten for the first time could be pretty jittery for parents, it also brings along the responsibility of making it a smooth and seamless transition for the little ones. But with a few smart tips and tricks, you can make it all fall into place as a parent.

Don’t make a big deal out of it.

While sending your toddler to preschool could make you all nervous and tense, it becomes essential to avoid passing that energy onto your child to prevent them from getting overwhelmed before they even set their little feet onto this new journey.

Establish a routine

As basic as it sounds, establishing a routine for your toddler a few days ahead of them, starting with the preschool journey, could help them quickly transition into the new schedule. Setting up a routine helps kids get used to doing things in a sequence and understanding the value of doing the daily chores on time.

Plan a visit ahead of the actual joining day

It would be a great idea to organize a visit to the preschool before your child joins the school as a student. Make them meet the teachers, get them familiarised with the environment and take them for a walk around the campus. Let the child immerse in the toddler play zone so that he enjoys and looks forward to going to school every day.  This could help them overcome the fear of being a part of a new place and make the first day more enjoyable for your little one!

Help the toddler become independent.

While being independent could be quite a heavy term for a toddler, it always helps train them a bit so that it could be easier for them to be on their while in school. Help them get used to doing their little daily chores on their own such as tidying up their toys after playing, cleaning the plate from the table, or wearing shoes, and watch them ace their first day like a pro!

Brace yourself for the separation anxiety

It is completely fine to be a bit emotional as your toddler begins their journey of educational learning. The first few days might be full of teary eyes and bittersweet struggles for both the child and the parent, but again, it is entirely normal. In such situations, being positive and cheerful could be helpful. Once your child gets used to the new environment, it will all fall into place smoothly.

While it may be customary for you to get jittery and overwhelmed as a parent for this critical step in your child’s life, it is also essential to enjoy these precious moments that will be stacked in your heart for life. Keep a positive outlook and make the most out of this exciting phase. 

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