How to find the Best Preschool in Gurgaon


Finding the best preschool in Gurgaon can be challenging. There are a plethora of schools claiming to provide the best-in-city facilities, security, and competitive curriculum. But how do you spot the best kindergarten for your tiny tot?

To make your job simpler, we have you sorted with the best of the lot. Here are the benchmarks one needs to follow when hunting for the best preschool for their child to start creating the most joyous memories. 

Location & Transport Facility

The first and foremost thing to consider is the distance, location and the transport facility provided by the school. If you choose a school too far away from your place the child will get exhausted by the time he or she reaches the school.  However, if you choose a school which is only a few kilometers away from your place, then check with the transport facilities. The renowned preschools in Gurgaon have the best and safest transport facilities that will pick up and drop off your toddler without any inconvenience. 


Your child’s security has to be of utmost importance. Look for a school with centralised surveillance room, trained guards, and nannies are allocated at every point in the school premises so that your toddler’s security is not compromised at all.

Smart Classrooms

The attention span of humans is as short as 7 seconds, thus, it is important to make the classes child centric by involving them in the learning process.  The best preschools in Gurgaon have interactive whiteboards installed in each classroom. Smart classrooms not only build interest in the studies but also make them well-versed with technology. 

Are there Activity rooms and Labs?

Look for a school where the laboratory is not limited to science labs for the grown-ups.  Every subject needs hands-on training and wide exposure, thus activity labs like discovery room, art studio, Montessori lab for toddlers, etc. have to be non-negotiable.  

Teachers and other staff

This goes without saying that the teaching faculty and other staff are the most essential aspects to cover while hunting for the best school in Gurgaon. One must look at the strength of the teachers, their qualifications, and how warm and loving they are for the kindergarten. 

Day care

Only rare but the best schools in Gurgaon provide daycare facilities.  So if you’re working parents without anyone to look after your child after school hours. A daycare facility becomes a must for you. Day care will not only imbibe discipline in the children but also make them feel at home after the school premises. 

Toddler play zone

The play area in preschools is a place where children create their most joyous memories. A well-developed toddler play zone is bound to give your child good playtime which translates into improving a baby’s creative aspect and cognitive growth. For that, a well-designed and safe toddler play zone is a must.

Do they serve healthy meals?

Once you shortlist the best preschools around you, please check on the kind of meals they serve. Does the cafeteria have junk food on its shelf? Do they have healthy options for toddlers a good cafeteria can help kids develop a taste for nutritious food and they may not turn into fussy eaters at all? 

Once you get started with your preschool hunt, do consider the above benchmarks and always remember that your child deserves the best, so have an eye on the detail and pick the best.

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